M42 orion nebula

Dark Sky Safari מסע בין כוכבים


You don’t need a pith helmet or a visit to a safari outfitter to join one of our star safaris (warm clothes though are a good idea).  Together we travel millions of light years through the Milky Way and beyond.

Our regular stargazing is program is about an hour and a half long and introduces you to many of the wonders of the ever changing sky.   We identify some constellations and asterisms, keeping everyone on the same object by pointing with our special green laser that appears to actually touch the stars.  Through the eyepiece of of our computerized telescope and hand held binoculars, we visit the nearby objects of our solar system, the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter and maybe even Mars and Venus and Uranus, all depending on the changes of the night sky from season to season, day to day and hour to hour.

We continue out to DSOs, (Deep Sky Objects) experiencing the beauty of open clusters, the colors and folds of nebulae and the magnificence of inter galactic traveling globular clusters.  Discover multi colored stars in the sky and learn about their ages and development.  If we are lucky we will be able to spot a few Galaxies.

Our normal dark site is about 10 km out of town a 10 minute ride through the Eilat Mountains.  We can bring our Observatory to your event whether it is in the desert or around the hotel pool or even a private program at your B&B.

“What’s Up’s” programs are great for work groups, families and individuals.  We can bring large groups into the show by using our special video camera projected on a computer screen.

You can frequently find “What’s Up?” the Observatory in our unlikely location by the promenade, next to the Ministry of Tourism Information office.  From this site we show passersby, the moon and planets.

Ask about our family prices

054 481-9973

Safari Prices


NIS100 PER Adults
NIS50 Per dependent child, Including Soldiers
NIS 300 per Nuclear Family

Group prices on request



after confirming your reservation please deposit the agreed  amount here

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Eitan Schwartz
054 481-9973

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