A Night Under the Stars

Campfires, singing, story telling, meals around the fire. Traditional potatoes and marshmallow cooked on the fire

What a wonderful desert experience, a campfire under the stars.

Markouk on the Saj

Singing old songs in Hebrew and English and any other songs you want to sing. Stories of the Night Sky, stories of the region and personal stories of your host Eitan Schwartz. As the embers smolder traditional potatoes are cooking in their heat. If you wish you can also roast marshmallows on the fire.
If you wish we will prepare you a light cold dairy meal with fresh pita and various spreads and cheese. Of course if you wish we can work out any menu you wish to be prepared including meat prepared on the fire or any special diet you may request.

If you wish you may sleep out under the stars with a wake up to see the new stars that have arrived while you were sleeping and to watch the sun rise over the red mountains while drinking hot coffee.Campfire2

Let me help you plan your night under the stars at my site 20 km north of Eilat or at your site.
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“What’s Up” the Observatory of Eilat and the Arava

What’s Up is a special nature attraction that helps you enjoy and learn about the Dark Sky that is available just outside of Eilat. With the help of Eitan’s large telescope, binoculars and his special green laser you learn to find the north star and how to recognise constellations and asterisms. Eitan leads you on a tour called “a star is born” through the eyepiece of the telescope, explaining the birth of the stars, their development and their subsequent death. You will see close up views of our near by neighbors such as the Moon, Saturn with its rings, Mars and Jupiter. you will hear about Galileo and share the excitement he had from his new discoveries, gazing through the telescope. Stargazing, beside being fascinating is enjoyable because of the breathtaking beauty of sky  through the telescope and be surprised by the wonders opened through binoculars.
What’s Up has programs for individuals, for couples, families, work groups, tour groups, We can create a program for any occasion.
Our regular 90 minute program begins at changing times depending on the time of year and the constantly changing sky. If you want an all night program can be arranged including a camp fire, a meal and sleeping in the desert. In cooperation with Colin Porter a licensed desert guide we can begin the program with a sunset tour by foot or by Jeep or wake to a hike to watch the sun rise from an amazing location.

For additional information call
Eitan 054 481-9973


Astronomy for Large Groups

Astronomy Programs for Large Groups

“What’s Up” is a mobile Observatory serving the Israeli public and visitors to our country.

Eitan Schwartz of “What’s Up”  the Observatory of Eilat and the Arava has been an educator in Astronomy for over 13 years.

Eitan works with intimate groups of all ages around the country, and creates Dark night experiences for groups of all sizes.. Their primary region of work is in the south of Israel including the Dead Sea region, the entire Arava and Eilat as well as the Negev mountains including Mitzpeh Ramon, Sde Boker, Yerucham and Dimona and the surrounding desert. These areas are known for their clear night sky.

Accompanied by legends and scientific explanations  Eitan explains the night sky showing it’s beauty, with the aid of special laser pointers, binoculars and large telescopes. Eitan works with groups in English, Hebrew, besides the night sky program, PowerPoint programs are available in preparation for the dark night.

The night programs include learning the night sky, it’s constellations, various types of stars and star groups such as nebulae and clusters as well as exploring within our solar system by viewing the moon from up close and our neighboring planets.*

“What’s Up” has for your use a  large professional telescope; We

"What's Up" the Observatory
“What’s Up” the Observatory in Eilat and the Arava

use special green lasers to keep the entire group focused on the parts of the dark sky that we are describing and also have the capability to attach a special astronomic video camera to one of the telescopes for an amazing and unique view of the sky on a computer screen, with unique accessibility.


*The visibility of the planets is dependent on the month of the year and the time of night. The moon’s visibility is dependent on the date of the lunar month. There is never a lack of wonderful discoveries visible in the night sky





Eitan      “What’s Up” the Observatory in Eilat and the Arava    sales@eilatnature.com   tel 054 4819973


Reserve your
Star Safari


Special Combo Tour of the Desert

A special sunset
A special sunset


Dromit Desert Tours and “What’s Up” the Observatory in Eilat and the Arava offer a special package including a tour of the desert, a light meal in the desert and a journey deep into the cosmos.

Colin of Dromit Desert Tours leads you into the desert to experience the open geological book showing changing rock types of a multitude of colors, bent by the folding of the earth since it’s creation.    Colin guides you around the Eilat mountains, showing you the wonders of this geologically active area at sites such as “Rachavam’s Bowl” and man made structures like the Mameluke Bridge on the Darb El Haj, the pilgrims road to Mecca,  that has survived hundreds of years despite all of the tectonic activity in the region.  Enjoy the panoramic view from Mt Yoash overlooking 4 countries, Israel Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The most magic time in Eilat is late afternoon leading into nightfall. Eilat, the Eilat mountains and the Arava have a unique phenomenon of a two sided sunset.  As the evening approaches, the lowering sun emphasizes the lush colors and shades on the Edom mountains to the east of the gulf and the rift valley. Within the mountains you experience the racing shadows and the glowing mountains to the west toward the orange setting sun.

The late afternoon is an ideal time to appreciate the adaptations of the special plants and animals of this extreme desert climate which is a land bridge between 3 continents.

Colin’s other hat is that of a marine biologist and he will offer you special insights about our Gulf of Eilat / Aqaba.   If you are interested you may want to begin your day earlier with Colin snorkelling the reef.

The twilight is the most relaxing time of the day when you can just relax and enjoy the special stillness of the desert while a light meal, traditional to this region is being prepared. While your guides are preparing the meal of pitot with zaatar, thick yogurt cheese and herbal infusions and thick bitter coffee, you can just relax and watch the sky as the bright stars begin appearing followed by the less intense ones.

After enjoying your repast,  Eitan of  “What’s Up” the Observatory will guide you through the night sky together, finding the seasonal constellations with the aid of a special lasar and peering through the eyepiece of the telescope and binoculars at the beautiful objects of the dark desert sky. Every observation is unique depending on the season of the year. We can expect to see the moon and some planets within our solar system as well as far off DSOs or deep sky objects such as binary star systems, open and globular clusters, diffuse and planetary nebulae as well as very far off galaxies. The beauty of these objects, the stories and explanations of how a star is born always leads to deep conversations on who we are and why we’re here.


Don’t forget to bring warm clothes


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Dromit Desert Tours, Colin Porter 054 – 5487332  



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